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Yangzhou Sanyang Technology Co., Ltd. is a new technology company mainly engaged in the production and development of RO reverse osmosis membrane filter cartridges.

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With the innovation of science and technology, we constantly research and develop and upgrade our products. With honest and honest business philosophy, we will bring the best quality products to the domestic and foreign markets.


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Warm congratulations on the successful participation of the company in the 2019 Shanghai international water fair.

      Yangzhou Sanyang Technology Co., Ltd., as a new technology

Warm congratulations on the success of Sanyang technology in the 2018 Beijing water fair.

Warm congratulations to Yangzhou Sanyang Technology Co., Ltd. for its success

Warm congratulations on the successful participation of the company in the 2018 Shanghai international water fair.

   Warm congratulations on the successful participation of the comp

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Why does the pH of the water become lower after using the reverse osmosis membrane?

The pH indicates the degree of acidity and alkalinity of the aqueous solution

Why is there a bubble in the water from the RO membrane water purifier?

Some users who use water purifiers may find that the water from the water purifi

What do you need to pay attention to cleaning nanofiltration membrane?

1, use the pump to clean clean and free chlorine reverse osmosis product water f